Colorful Macaroons

How Bliss Vegan Bakery Operates

Because this bakery is currently a one woman, home operated business, we have limited hours and inventory. To order, view what is available on the SHOP page. The weeks menu will go live on Monday for pre-ordering. Items are baked fresh between Thursday and Friday morning and then will be available for  local no contact delivery, I do not offer pick up. Please include under 'add a note' when you would like your items delivered- Thursday or Friday and time frame. If there are no items available to order, our orders are full for the week. Thank you for your business!  Free delivery is available with a $10 order minimum.

Cookie Mix

Our Origins

Bliss Vegan Bakery is a home baking hobby turned business. I love baking and trying new and different styles of food. I especially love taking food that is traditionally non vegan, such as macarons, and seeing if I can make an equally delicious plant based item.

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